Sandi Entwistle and Harry Baughn

Sandi Entwistle

Sandi and her husband, Terry, moved to Blairsville 19 years ago soon after Terry retired from the U.S. Army.  Sandi has loved Blairsville and been active in the community ever since.  She has 3 children, 9 grand children and 1 great grandson. 

Sandi has always had a love of dance. She was a member of the shag club in Savannah, was on a clogging team, has done round dance, square dance and taught aerobics at the local high school as part of a PE program.  She won her first dance competition in the seventh grade.   Dance was an escape for her from her abuse as a child.  As a survivor, CASA is very near to her heart from all the work they do to help abused children.  Three of her grandchildren came to be her family through adoption from abusive homes.

Harry Baughn

Harry Baughn has been Mayor of Hayesville, NC for 7 years where he has been blessed to work with so many volunteer organizations that have helped downtown Hayesville to grow and thrive. The restoration of the 1888 Courthouse in downtown as an event center plus the influx of breweries and restaurants have really put life into the downtown area. Prior to becoming mayor, Harry’s career was with a non-profit training center for people with disabilities. Industrial Opportunities Inc serves the 3 western most counties in NC. Harry states that he is very nervous about competing in Dancing with the North Georgia Stars as this will be a first for him, but will definitely be another item off of his bucket list. Others have included skydiving and reuniting with his classmates from 50 years ago to play rock and roll music as they did in high school (next summer on the square in Hayesville). Harry is very appreciative of the patience his partner, Sandi has shown in trying to teach an old man how to dance, and to his wife, Rachel, for letting him to pursue these crazy things.