#3: Laurel Adams & Dr. Samuel L. Church

Couple #3: Laurel Adams and Dr. Samuel L. Church

Laurel Adams
Laurel Adams, Resident Artistic Director at the Peacock in Hayesville, started dancing when she was 7 years old and has been in love with it ever since.  She started in theatre as a dancer and progressed to actress and director.  She was a Dance Director for Arthur Murray Studios several lifetimes ago and continues to teach Ballroom at the Peacock. Laurel and her partner were judges’ award winners in 2017 and she is hoping to take home the coveted mirror ball trophy in 2018.

Dr. Samuel L. Church
Dr. Samuel “Le” Church has lived in Hiawassee for the last 16 years. He is husband to wife, Nancy, and father to Larson, Samantha, Syler, and Cooper. In addition to a busy family practice, Synergy Health, Inc., Le is passionate about teaching and consulting as well as involved in activities such as water sports, hospice, coaching wrestling, among many other things.

Le’s passion for dancing stems from his college years; during medical school, he began dancing to impress Nancy, which evolved into starting a full-fledged dancing club. Today, his office staff is more than a little excited to see their fearless leader take the floor and they plan on cheering him on to victory!

Dr. Church actively works to protect our local communities’ children from abuse and neglect, and is honored to dance in support of CASA.