Pam Jones and Martin Welch

Pam Jones

Pam Jones hails from all over, the result of being the child of a career military officer, however, she calls Nashville, TN home. After marrying Georgia native, Jarell Jones, her life flipped on its ear. Their life together only demonstrated a principle that Mrs. Jones holds close and is represented in a quote she once heard from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Life is a series of surprises and would not be worth taking or keeping if it were not!” She finds life is full of surprises and is more than entertaining with her husband, their children, and 12 grandchildren. She works full time as an Operations Analyst for Long Term Care Group, as a TPA, wrangling four horses, four dogs, a cat, embracing her enthusiastic Episcopalian family from St Elizabeth’s in Dahlonega, and offering support to the Sunrise Rotary Club of Dahlonega. In her spare time, Mr. and Mrs. Jones enjoy hiking on the North Georgia trails, painting with oils and traveling.

Martin Welch

Martin Welch is an attorney in Cleveland, Georgia and married to France Tufts Welch.  Mr. Welch has practiced in the Enotah Judicial Circuit for over 47 years which makes him the longest practicing attorney in the Circuit. For the last five years, he has concentrated his law practice in the Juvenile Court field representing parents and children in dependency cases. He has three children and four grandchildren.  In what little free time he has he enjoys woodworking and staining glass. Mr. Welch studied ballroom dancing for over three years, and while he does not consider himself as a professional, he has too much experience to be considered an amateur.  Concerning CASA, he said, “I work with CASA on a daily basis, and they are invaluable to the welfare of foster children, they are the Court’s and attorney’s eyes and ears.”

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