Betsy Gagne and John Clower

Betsy Gagne

Betsy Gagne has lived in Dahlonega for over 20 years and owned the Jazzercise Center in Dahlonega. Ms. Gagne has been a Jazzercise instructor for over 15 years and has been jazzercising since 1985. At Gainesville High, she was on the Flag and Rifle Corp for both the marching band and Winter Guard during her junior and senior year.  Ms. Gagne grew up dancing. Her grandmother taught her to buck dance when she was young, and that helped her to win the Little Miss Alpharetta title. As a teenager she danced with Lakeshore Cloggers, dancing at various events and festivals all over Georgia and even danced at one of President Jimmy Carter’s campaign parties. As an adult, Betsy danced for several years with The Renegades Dance team and did several appearances on the TV show “Club Dance” along with many performances at various festivals and events from Blairsville to Atlanta. 

John Clower

John Clower is a native of Smyrna, Georgia.  He has been dancing, as he calls it, since the age of three. It got him in trouble several times over the years. Mr. Clower attended North Georgia College and found many dancing opportunities. He would invite a date to a dance, but afterward, he could get no response from her, and he began to wonder what the reason was.  Eventually, after a long night on the dance floor at a fraternity party, he was pulled aside by his roommate who said, “John, I love ya like a brother, and I say this because I care about you…never, ever do that again!”  He was a university administrator, working at seven institutions over a thirty-year career.  He returned to North Georgia College and State University in 2007 and retired in 2012. He is now the proud co-owner, along with his wife Tammy, of Giggle Monkey Toys where he can be found secretly dancing to Raffi’s “There Came a Girl from France.”

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