#5 – Donna Wright & Kailey Steele

Donna Wright remembers her mother always loved to go dancing and her Mom was a good dancer.  Now two more generations enjoy dancing; both Donna and her daughter. Donna has said “I’m not all that great, but I do enjoy it”.  She is a retired pediatric registered nurse with two beautiful children, three stepchildren, and with her husband they have a total of 6 grandsons & 4 granddaughters.

Donna was introduced to this wonderful city by her sister-in-law. As she and her husband walked around the little town of Dahlonega in November, 2014 they fell in love with the people & town. Two months later they moved to Dahlonega from Indiana.


Kailey Steele has been performing Musical Theater for over 10 years. She recently took an interest in dance and choreography and has fallen in love with every aspect of it. In 2015, she assisted a troupe to the Junior Theater Festival and won the Overall Best in Choreography and Dance award. Her love of theater and performing was a gift from her family. She’s says “I cannot remember a time when we were in the car together and not singing Show-Tunes. My love of dance, however, was sparked by the musicals Newsies and Cats. I hope you truly enjoy all the dances in this event.’’